Girl Power is a women empowerment organization that has mission to “provide education program to let women to live freely”.


“Proud to be a Girl”.


Our slogan is “Proud to be a Girl”. We think all women should be “proud to be born as woman, to enjoy as being woman, and to live with their own values without any interruption of others”.

To do so, we think education is a key for all women to regain their dignity, and to lean in with confidence and conviction.

Purpose and content of the education program are individually planed by characteristics and situation of country and region. We are currently providing our programs in タミル・ナドゥ州, India and in Japan.


Program Overview


Career education for women (Girl Power Career)


Build up career to fulfill one’s own values is necessary for women to live freely. Therefore Girl Power provide original program called “Values Creation”.

This program is to reveal her real values, and with her own strength, structure a job and career that fulfills the values. Also we provide skills to create new value to the society based on her values.

We are currently providing this program to high school students, university students, and workingwomen. The program started 2015 and we have over 200 women participated. From 2016, its been decided to formally have a class at university in Japan, that we expect more participants.


Supporting startup for women (Girl Power Incubator)


To create society that women can live freely, we think women should set up their own business to change the current “Boys Club” business scene. However, there are not many women who startup their own business, as it’s said there are only 15% in Japan.

Girl Power supports women’s startup businesses and women who are going to startup to let more women to startup.

The core of this support is called “Girl Power Dojo” that is based on concept of “field of training” by Japanese martial arts, and is not a seminar or workshop. It is a community that like-minded people gather to enhance their technique and mental strength.

This program started from 2016, and currently holding in Tokyo and Kobe, Japan. There are dozens of women startups and women who aim for startups, to have meetings and activities that bring up tangible business plan, regular study sessions and workshops.


Sanitary education and provide sanitary pad (Happy Pad Project)


This program is for girls in developing country.

In developing countries, there are many girls who are married in their teenage and born baby without knowing menstruation and mechanism of pregnancy. There are many that cannot but safe and clean sanitary items and use old rag because of poverty. There are prejudices against menstruation, which for example, in a region woman during their menstruation gets taken into a barn.

There are girls with menarche who stops going to school because they cannot buy sanitary items, or lack of understanding by male teachers and boys… once these girls stops going to school, she will never return.

To change the situation, Girl Power provides the “Happy Had Project” with a set (of four) of safe and clean sanitary pad made with organic cotton, and in the same time, class to understand mechanism of women body.

From 2015, we started providing the program to 1000 girls in タミル・ナドゥ州, India. It is said that there are 200 million women who needs this kind of program and we think to further expand our program for them.


Principal member


In Girl Power principle member, there are many women with profession in different fields i.e. critic, journalist, announcer, business executive, doctor, dentist, lawyer. Of course there are many men who supports us in different fields i.e. venture, executive of Investment Company, president of NPO.

We have headquarters in Tokyo, and a branch in Osaka and Yokohama.


Representative Director

Hiromi Ikeuchi

A critic of family problems, with over 30 publications. Also frequently seen on TV, newspaper and magazines as commentator.


Executive Managing Directorr

Ayaka Nishikawa

Represented social organization “Sweet Smile” created with miss campus (beauty contest in universities) winners during her university time. Currently working as a doctor and focus on women startups support in Girl Power.


Executive Managing Director

Rie Ohno

A executive of a company provides program for women career education. also focus on career education field in Girl Power.



Yoshiaki Takei

A marketing consultant, who has involved in marketing strategy and product development in many fields for Japanese top companies. Also a media producer to produce many TV programs, magazines and portal sites.

In current years, focusing on social sector support, consulting for CSR of many companies, CSV consulting and NGO.

Focus on total produce of programs and projects in Girl Power.



Akie Abe

The First Lady, Japan.


There are many more members who join and operate in our team i.e. famous Japanese woman announcer, representative of former Miss International Japan.


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