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Happy Pad Project

There are many girls in developing countries who are married without being taught the meaning of menstruation and the mechanism of pregnancy, and give birth to children.

The girls do not know anything about their body as a woman.This creates prejudice and discrimination, and the girls are often thrown into animal shed during their menstruation.Also, even if a school is established in the village, girls stop coming to school when the menarche starts because they do not have sanitary items.

There are many girls in such situation.

There are many girls who use dirty cloth for menstruation because they have not received hygiene education.

We need to give them hygiene education of woman body mechanism and a safe and clean sanitary pad in order for girls to have dignity as a woman and to grow to a mature woman physically and mentally.

It is said that there are 200 million women who need such help in India alone.

“Girl Power” considers that matters related to menstruation are very important for the dignity of women,

and is implementing the “Happy Pad Project” which is a set of hygiene education and providing sanitary pads.